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Feather Proof Ticking Fabric - TCK3

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Feather Proof Ticking Fabric - TCK3

Feather Proof Ticking fabric - to cover those pillows - or make them, this canvas like fabric will keep the prickly feathers in tact - great upholstery, too! A sturdy fabric, ticking was frequently used in the past for mattress covers (mattress ticking) and pillows (pillow ticking) because its tight weave prevented feathers and straw from working their way out. The woven stripes and tight weave are what identify ticking fabric. 5 yards in stock. I think we can get more, so if you want more than 5 yards, please contact us and let us know how much you need.

priced per yard (length)

32 inches wide

100% cotton

11 ounces per square yard



Feather Proof Ticking Fabric is sold by the linear yard. Your fabric will measure 32 inches by however many yards you enter above. The minimum order is 1 yard. Whenever possible, we will ship your order in one piece.

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