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True Timber Conceal Cut Camo Fabric - CAMO535

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True Timber Conceal Cut Camo Fabric - CAMO535

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True Timber Conceal Camo laser cut leaf taffeta fabric - this poplar True Timber pattern in a very lightweight taffeta with cut leaf would make a great ghillie suit or blind. 100% polyester makes it stand up to the elements longer than cotton or other natural fibers. The cuts allow wind to pass through the fabric. The leaf shape of the cuts, reduces the interruption to the pattern. We only have 1 yard of this fabric left and we cannot replace it.

priced per yard (length)

58 inches wide

100% polyester

3-4 ounces per square yard



True Timber Conceal Leaf Cut Camo Fabric is sold by the linear yard. Your camo fabric will measure 58 inches by however many yards you enter above. The minimum order is 1 yard. Whenever possible, we will ship your order in one piece.

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